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Studio Policies

My studio is full, which means two things:

  1. I can’t teach you at different times on different weeks during the school year, and
  2. I will have to turn down qualified students to keep your spots open. So please make lesson times and practicing a priority this year!

Very young beginning students will have a 30 minute lesson. All other students are scheduled for 45 minute lessons. Adult and advanced students may opt for 1 hour lessons.

Payment is due at the first lesson of each month. I will refund missed lessons for illness, emergencies, or preplanned family vacations. I will try to offer makeup lessons for school and other conflicts, but my flexibility is limited, so make sure your lesson time works for you.

Instruments: Each of my students is expected to study both piano and organ. Lessons will alternate between piano and organ lessons, with the exception of adult organ students, who may request that every lesson be an organ lesson. I have experience teaching organ students of every age, height, and ability, including young beginners. Every LDS pianist will at some point be asked to play the organ for church. I hope to make it so that my
students are prepared to play the organ confidently and well, in a way that will help bring the Spirit into the meeting and inspire the congregation to worship through singing.

Practicing: I would like each student to keep a practice record by marking in their notebooks when each assignment is practiced. Please plan on practicing organ for 3 days each week plus piano for 3 days each week. Intermediate students should plan on practicing an hour each session; beginners and young students can get by with 30–45 minutes, depending on age and level. Advanced students should practice 1 1/2 to 2 hours or more at each practice session. Each student should practice his or her entire assignment daily. If your student’s assignment is too long to finish in an hour, please let me know. If for some reason you are unable to finish all your practicing in a given week, we will use your lesson time for a practice session. Students who complete 3 pieces to recital level during the semester will receive a reward.

Parents, please help your students schedule a regular practice time. Most people find that practicing is much easier in the morning, so consider perhaps getting up a little earlier and practicing before school. Parents can ensure success by reading their child’s weekly assignments and supervising their practice. My organ is often available for practicing; please check the calendar for open times. Other organ practice sessions may be completed at your local church. It is usually not difficult to find keys to the building, or to go during a time that the building is already open. The key to success is scheduling a regular time and sticking with it.

Thank you for the privilege of being your music teacher! Music is a highly rewarding skill that can last life long. I find a lot of joy in watching my students grow.